About my current undertaking:

This blog will be (for the time being at least) dedicated to my upcoming solo thru trek of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT).  I will be documenting the trip via HD video, pictures and a personal diary.  I plan to turn all three of these into products which I can share with the general public.

Traversing the PCT should take roughly four to five months to complete.  There are essentially two ways to resupply on a trek like this: (1) via whatever one can gather locally (from stores and such in mountain towns, etc.) or (2) via snail mailing pre-packed boxes to post offices along the way.  I plan to use the former method; I believe it allows one to pack more lightly and thus move more quickly.  In the case of thru trekking speed is of some importance given dangers of winter weather in Washington state if one is on the trail too late.  I will be following the more commonly used south to north route, that is from the California-Mexican border to the U.S.-Canadian border.

For the written work I will create based on this trip I am drawing inspiration from my favorite travel writer – Paul Theroux – who not only writes about his experiences, but does it through the lens of a nation or region’s literature.  So I have been preparing for this trip by inhaling as much of the literature of the Pacific states as possible (I would be willing to share – via e-mail – a list of these works with anyone who is interested).   I will also bring along a slew of books stored via Kindle on my iPhone and iPad – which will also serve the purpose of helping me through the opening desert marches when so much of the midday can be taken up hiding from the sun.

Here are some useful links regarding the PCT:




About me (Gary Gunnels):

I have been hiking and climbing mountains since I was a teenager (indeed, because I grew up in Oregon, I am rather familiar with several portions of the PCT’s route in that state).  Throughout all of my endeavors, university, law school, etc. it has been the one constant.  In fact, it seems that for much of my life I have been living my life in order to spend a few short weeks every year in the mountains of the American West.  Recently my wife and I have separated and through that painful process I have come to realize that I want to turn my avocation into my vocation – mountains are where I belong and I want to share  that experience with others through video and the written word.  Thus this project.


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