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Norwegian Open Prisons

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Anti-Foreign Bias

Instead of looking at the events in Norway through the lens of any particular ideology, I would suggest that instead we view it as an extreme example of what Bryan Caplan calls “anti-foreign bias.” 

I’d say this is a pretty good example of what I am getting at. H/T Bryan Caplan

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Do I Need To Translate This?

Islam(isme) har historisk ført til 300 millioner dødsfall
Kommunisme har historisk ført til 100 millioner dødsfall
Nazisme har historisk ført til 6-20 millioner dødsfall

This is what this moron claimed.  No translation needed I think.  Where he gets the first figure from I cannot say, but it is beyond stupid.

Anyway, it is peppered with claims like this:

Det finnes jo en haug av no-go zones i de fleste Amerikanske storbyer. De i LA er jo de mest kjente – Compton, Crenshaw, Watts, Inglewood etc. men det kan ikke direkte sammenlignes med situasjonen i Europa da Afro-Amerikanerne er kristne etc.

And this.

Det faktum at kulturmarxistene kontrollerer Euro/US MSM, 95% av NGOs og 80% de politiske partier er kanskje den viktigste årsaken til at vi må regne med å slite med multikulturalisme (kulturmarxisme) og Islamisering i ihvertfall 20-70 år til.

All here to read.


Norway UPDATE!

A lot of great stuff here.

This guy’s thoughts are being collected here.  It has been slow to load at times; getting hammered by a lot of traffic I would imagine.

From what I can tell he argues that libertarians are a bunch of weak-kneed surrender monkeys when it comes to immigration, Islam, etc.; he also argues that the Progress Party is not anti-immigrant enough.

Apparently the island he went to was run by the Liberal Party; so I’m guessing he went there to kill members of the party as well as their kids.  Twisted to say the least.

Norwegian Terrorist Update

The article discusses his (Anders Behring Breivik) support on blogs of Norwegian nationalism as well as his critical attitude on same of Islam.

Some background.  Muslims make up roughly 2%-3% of the population of Norway; asylum seekers or the children of asylum seekers make up the bulk of Norwegian Muslims.  Oslo’s population may be over 10% Muslim (it was fairly close the last time I looked).

I don’t know if it is increasing or not, but there has been consistent opposition to lax immigration policies in Norway for a couple of decades now.  I think that partly explains the success of the Progress Party (the main classical liberal party in Norway – yeah they suck on this particular issue) in recent years – they being essentially a political pariah while also becoming the second most powerful part in Norway (in the relation to the number of seats that they hold).  There has also been an increasing resentment in Norway over taxation, regulation, etc. – indeed, the Progress Party started out largely as an anti-tax movement.

Anyway, the claims in Norway about why immigration should be limited ought to be familiar to anyone following the same debate here in the U.S.; for the most part the opposition is hyperventilating over the dangers IMO (though one could push back a bit against that claim by citing examples such as what happened with the Jyllands-Posten cartoons out of Denmark).  I would say though that it becomes more difficult to have a cradle to grave welfare society when your society becomes less homogenous; less difficult to have “Club Norway” and “Club Sweden” in other words.

Oh, and Daniel, Norway is something of a stickler for fiscal austerity, particularly in times of recession. 😉

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