Nina Paulovicova on Keynes

Fascinating read.


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  1. Gary Gunnels said,

    July 1, 2011 at 8:25 PM

    From the article, pg. 43:

    When he was seventeen years old, J.M. Keynes wrote a
    provocative essay, “The Differences between East and West: Will
    They Ever Disappear?” Through the examples of the Chinese and the
    Jews, the young Keynes tried to discover whether the European and
    Oriental branches of human race would continue to live side by side
    or whether eventually one would succeed in absorbing the other.
    Jews were, in his teen view, the accursed race…”they have in them
    deep-rooted instincts that are antagonistic and therefore repulsive to
    the European, and their presence among us is a living example of the
    insurmountable difficulties that exist in merging race characteristics,
    in making cats love dogs” 64 Chandavarkar acknowledged that as an
    adult Keynes never outgrew his teen perception of the Jew. J.M.
    Keynes held even more radical views about the Chinese. He
    condemned the attempt to transform the Chinese into “a race of
    tigers” as a futile effort; he added that Europeans could hope nothing
    less than a second flood that would exterminate them.65

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