During the early hours of the night in the desert the stars were what they always are in the wilderness; as clear to the naked eye as they were in the time of Shakespeare (the rest of the night and well into morning the skies were filled with mist and fog).  This is why Shakespeare so often discusses the night sky and expects his audiences to understand the details; they knew the night sky.  For example, in medieval Britain (and perhaps much of the rest of Europe, I can’t say) sleep was often divided into two periods – “first sleep” and “second sleep” – with a period of couple of hours around midnight being a period of activity where work both inside and outside the home were done or even clandestine visits were undertaken.  All that time out of doors at night would have taught our ancestors much about the heavens after dark.


June Gloom

So the weather is rather cool and cloudy in San Diego right now; apparently this is a regular occurrence in San Diego during the months of May and June – the period being called the “May Gray” and the “June Gloom.”   Apparently it is the result of an offshore marine layer of stratocumulus clouds.