Just passed by a cupcake lounge; a first for me.


Service Pack

So I go from hiking in the California high desert to waiting for M$ to update it’s service pack (and the wait is long).

Rattlesnakes & Hummingbirds

I saw two rattlesnakes along my total of ~20 miles of hiking (I know, weak).  Later I was told that this isn’t really all that surprising.  Apparently the prey population (various rodents, etc.)  is up so the predator population rises with it.  Or so someone told me.  Seems like a reasonable explanation.  Neither of the snakes rattled at me; I think this may be because I announced my presence with my loud walking sticks (I brought them along more for the snakes than anything).  A scary and exhilarating experience all around.

My first night on the trail I slept basically on the trail (there is so little traffic in the desert that this is not frowned on – once I had gotten into the Sierras that would have been a different story entirely I think); while waiting for night to fall I sat up in my bivy and watched hummingbirds dip their beaks into flowers close enough for me to grab them with my hand.  The same thing happened the next morning.  The hummingbirds were in no way disturbed by presence.